Unfairness of medical response and Covid19: View from Italy

authored by Prof. Benedetto Terracini

Unfairness of the medical response to the corona virus occurs also in my country, but not as much as in the US, thanks to a National Health Service, which guarantees  universal access to medical care.

In Italy, social and economic consequences will be devastating.

Vittorio Foa, an Italian anti-fascist who spent 10 or more years in jail in the 30s,  used to say that misfortunes during the dictatorship turned out to be  opportunities for the subsequent reconstruction.

 Let's hope this will happen also on this occasion.
Prof. Benedetto Terracini has worked for over 50 years as a physician, epidemiologist and a leader in environmental and occupational health. He worked as a Professor of Biostatistics at University of Torino, Italy. He is recognized as a pioneer of modern occupational and environmental epidemiology. He has been on Board of Italian Ministry of Health, the European Medical Research Council, WHO and European Union. He has served as the Scientific Editor of the Italian Journal of Epidemiology. In 2014, he was presented Ramazzini Award by the Collegium Ramazzini.



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