Covid-19 disaster: View from Hyderabad, Telangana

authored by Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy, Hyderabad, Telangana 

During discussion on TV Channels on three different occasions from the start of Covid-19 case in Telangana state.
China: The virus spread to Wuhan City only and reported around 3000 deaths and later the deaths are few.  China did not caution the world on the pros and cons to contain it.  People started giving false theories – virus from bats; a virus contacted lady visiting market, etc.  Bats are not new to the world or to China. Also, they are located 300 km away from the town. Reports state that the scientists collected the virus from bats long back.  In fact I mentioned in my first TV debate that the virus entered the atmosphere while doing research. Such things happened in the past in the case of some viruses. China denied and some Chinese researchers do agree on this. WHO is in support of China and with this US stopped funding to WHO/UN similar to climate change. Now, reports are clear on this based on the past research reports from Chinese virologists. The virus must have entered accidentally or purposely released? This virus was carried to Iran and then to Italy through road project [India reject to join this project, other-wise we would have been the first country outside Wuhan]. From there to all free countries that were access through Aeroplanes-Ships. Great Tragedy!!!
India: Indian politicians never cared to follow the precautionary principle but are looking at post-mortem, particularly on the impact of calamities such as cyclones, floods, pollution, etc. on agriculture or viruses like Covid-19. This will help waste public money and pocket it under the disguise.
For example: Timely action by central government should have contained or stopped the spread of Covid-19 in India and thus the national disaster in terms of economy and in terms of agriculture. Here the central government should have applied precautionary principle by not allowing thousands of people from India and abroad coming to attend Tablighi Jamaat meeting at Markaj Nizamuddin in Delhi when Delhi was facing riots on citizenship bill with some states passing resolutions against the bill – shaky ground of ruling party. Or at least the central government should have stopped the people in Markaj Nizamuddin leaving the building.
In the case of two Telugu states the virus entered & spread from those people who came from Markaj Nizamuddin. However, in both the counts central government failed the rule of precautionary principle and now trying post-mortem action. By that time the national economy was in scramble and farmers suffered severe blow in the timely completing harvest and unfortunately at this time untimely rains affected the harvest also. The ruling party might have gained politically but failed miserably in running the nation.
Here the basic problem was the past & present government’s policies of encouraging rural to urban migration to meet the real estate needs at the cost of agriculture in rural India faced severe return migration with Covid-19. The urban labour force created problems with migration back to their villages illegally.   The virus spread in urban areas to some pockets where the infected people joined the locals. Thus it became a socio-religio problem or fantasy..
 Some people are talking reduced pollution. They failed to understand the pollution in residential areas increasing with the burning of domestic waste, plant material, hut dwellers using wood for heating and cooking; odour from cocking of food in open. These created severe breathing problems to old and children. Nobody bothered on this vital issue. On one side officials-politicians talk of lock down but they themselves are violating – TV Channels telecast them but they try to blame certain political party only. 



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