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Misreporting on rivers juristic, legal persons and living entities

The paper below is an analysis of misreporting by media in general and EPW in particular on the subject of July 7, 2017 order of Supreme Court of India on Ganga and Yamuna.  Aren’t rivers juristic, legal persons and living entities? On 7 July, 2017 Supreme Court stayed the final judgment passed by the Nainital Bench of Uttarakhand High Court in Mohd. Salim v State of Uttarakhand dated 20 March, 2017 that gave recognition to the “legal status as a living person/legal entity to Rivers Ganga and Yamuna r/w Articles 48-A [1] and 51A (g) [2] of the Constitution of India". [3] The order came upon hearing the Special Leave Petition of State of Uttarakhand against the verdict. The one sentence order reads: “In the meantime, the operation of the impugned order shall remain stayed.” [4] The Bench of 44 th Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrachud heard the petitioner’s counsel in the absence of the counsel for the respondents mentioned as ‘

MediaVigil condemns the political assassination of Gauri Lankesh

Her assassination is a failure of Government & ruling parties MediaVigil condemns the political assassination of senior editor Gauri Lankesh at her Bangalore residence at around 8 pm on 5 September, 2017 resulting in her death at the scene. Although investigations are yet to be completed, it is suspected that some contract killer was hired by someone to stop the publication of the latest issue of Gauri Lankesh Patrike, Kannada fortnightly newspaper which is being linked to her death. Gauri Lankesh was the editor of this fortnightly newspaper. She authored several books. She was an alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi.  Gauri was a fierce journalist and the most vocal critic of right wing forces. Gauri started her career as a journalist with the The Times of India in Bangalore. She worked for the Sunday magazine and Eenadu' television channel. She was the daughter of the famous P Lankesh. She was in Delhi few months back whe