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TRAI Report on Media Ownership: Occupation of media by 'natural' market forces

Note : The trend of occupation of media  by 'natural' market forces  has been unfolding for quite a while. Indeed " media regulation" is "essentially a bargain between power brokers in the media and the competing elements within the political domain" amidst "concentration of ownership".    Hasn't TRAI recommended something like a Third Press C ommission “headed by a retired Supreme Court judge” to examine the structural changes in the media landscape?  First  Press Commission was set up Nehru Govt. The Second Press Commission set up by Morarji Govt and reconstituted by India Gandhi Govt. There was a demand for the 3rd Press Commission which Dr Manmohan Singh government agreed to it. It sought  its Terms of Reference twice from Kuldeep Nayar  but failed to set it up. The Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on Information Technology in its report in 2013 has observed on cross-media ownership and its adverse impact on "democratic stru