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Interesting disclosure about 1962 war between India and China

Note: There is circumstantial and documentary evidence that suggests that Jawahar Lal Nehru was either taking instructions from UK based politicians or was reporting to them. Nehru paid his first and the last visit to China in October 1954 after its 1949 revolution. He was there from October 15- 19, 1954, when he was in China after a stopover in Vietnam. Nehru had a long meeting with Mao Tse-tung. Nehru wrote a top-secret note on his visit to China on November 11, 1954. Nehru had sent a copy of his top-secret note to Winston Churchill, the UK Prime Minister which was declassified at the expiry of 30 years and is available in Britain’s Public Records Office. In India, it was published first in Nehru’s Letters to Chief Ministers first and then in the Selected Works in the 1990s.    Gopal Krishna      Interesting disclosure Neville Maxwell who outed the Henderson Brooks report has another disclosure in The Times of India . A "couple of years ago I made the text avail

Mehta and Bal on Open magazine's "regret"

Note: Indeed Open magazine has no business to apologise on behalf of Vinod Mehta and Hartosh Singh Bal without either speaking to them or taking consent from Manu Joseph, the then editor of Open . Was the magazine forced to apologise? Media Vigil    Mehta and Bal on Open magazine's "regret" Following the item carried on the Hoot – “ Vindication? ” -- about Open magazine's “regret”  regarding an interview it carried in 2012, Vinod Mehta and Hartosh Bal have asked that we carry this letter they have written to the editor of  Open .   April 1, 2014 S. Prasannarajan Editor Open Magazine New Delhi Dear Sir, This is with regards to the ‘clarification’ published in the last issue of Open Magazine expressing regret at the hurt caused to The Indian Express by an interview of Vinod Mehta that referred to a report in The Indian Express on Army troop  movements towards Delhi.  We the undersigned Vinod Mehta, editorial chairman of the O