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Anand Sharma wilted under USA's influence at WTO's 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali

Protesters hold signs against the 9th WTO Conference in front of US embassy in Jakarta India has wilted under pressure from the US and agreed to accept conditionalities that were not part of the G-33 proposal.  The text of the agreed draft can be accessed below (see section WT/ MIN 913)/ W / 10 - Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes): The text: files/documents/decw1.pdf and the various parts to the declaration: bali-ministerial-declaration What India has traded away: 1. Anand Sharma had unambiguously stated that the "peace clause" should be in place till such time that a permanent solution is found. The word "interim" that he had used IS IN the text (a clear victory), but in what is being described by the WTO Secretariat as "constructive ambiguity" the US position that it should be only for four years also finds its place (Para 1) in the text by adding, "for adoption  

Network18, Raghav Bahl's media empire exposed

Note: Raghav Bahl reacts -The December issue of Caravan has a  rather damaging cover story on Network 18, its complicated financials, and its post-Reliance tilt towards the BJP. Raghav Bahl's email to his staff  says that it is "full of outright lies and insidious half truths, conveniently suppressing the other half" and that the company is considering all remedial options available. He adds that "we shall always uphold the principles of fair, plural and unbiased journalism." The Hoot The Network Effect Reliance and right-wing politics gain a foothold in Raghav Bahl's media empire By RAHUL BHATIA | 1 December 2013 |ONE| AS DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THE FOOD SECURITY BILL played on displays around the room, Rajdeep Sardesai took a seat at the centre of a simmering news pit in Mumbai, looking like he could use a break. Just ten days earlier, on 16 August, CNN-IBN and IBN7, the channels he oversees as editor-in-chief of the IBN Network, had witnessed the sudden layof