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Agent Anon's media musings

Agent Anon's media musings AIM is a book that would be of interest to those in the media since it not only gives an insider’s view of how the IB functions but also explains how it manipulates the media. AJITH PILLAI brings us the excerpts from the book. Posted/Updated Thursday, Jul 18 14:24:31, 2013 Trust a retired Intelligence Bureau (IB) official to anonymously write a book. Titled “Art of Intelligence and Misinformation (AIM)” by Agent Anon, the manuscript is currently with a publisher who is rather intrigued by the fact that the sleuth who doesn’t want his name mentioned anywhere in the book insists that his photograph be carried on the back cover. “I have always attended office in disguise so no one recognises me. They just know me by name and not by face,” he said to clear the air. But the managing editor of Crime and Publish-ment (C&P) was still confused. However, since the author insisted he agreed to print his picture which had written behind it his nick