Rajya sabha TV to Discuss UID/Aadhaar Bill on August 1 at 4.30

04.30-05.00 pm - Law of the Land: Adhaar Bill 1st august 2012 Show timing in Rajya sabha TV)


Shayari said…
My family members have been given Aadhar cards . Last week we received a notice from another Government agency ,which is carrying out similar task for "National population register" , asking us to report to a Government school located at a far away location for the enrollment ! Why this duplication of work wasting public money ?
Krishna said…
Aadhaar/UID which is linked to National Population Register (NPR) as an indentifier. It is unfolding illegally without legislative mandate. The Parliamentary Committee on Finance has questioned its legality. Collection of biometric data like fingerprints and iris scan both by NPR and UID is illegal.

As has been the case in UK, Australia, Philippines and China which has been rejected now, this ID project is part of a surveillance program. Its case of treating citizens worse than prisoners using tax payers money.

It should be boycotted.

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