Russia rejects arms embargo on Syria: FM

Russia rejects any arms embargo imposed on Syria and Moscow would try to avoid a repeat of the Libyan scenario in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

After his meeting with Arab countries' ambassadors to Russia, Lavrov told a news conference that lessons should be learnt from the situation in Libya, where an embargo on arms supplies was "only applied to the Libyan army."

"Groups, including those formed by citizens who penetrated to Syria from other states, have been actively supplied with arms," he said. "That is why proposals to introduce a ban on any arms supplies to Syria are quite unfair."

Lavrov said Moscow also rejects ultimatum-like words on the Syria issue, adding that the ultimatums would not help resolve the problem.

"The Syrian problem requires the same approach, as ultimatums, which some states try to use, including members of the Arab League, cannot resolve this problem," Lavrov said.

"We hope our friends in the Arab League... will show maximum responsibility for what is going on in the region... and they will observe the same rules the Arab League worked out, while making relevant

decisions," he added.

After meeting with his visiting Icelandic counterpart Ossur Skarphedinsson, Lavrov also warned that armed opposition was provoking conflicts in Syria.

"The unrest is not so much related to the authorities but armed groups, who are provoking the unrest," Lavrov said.

In November, Lavrov warned that external forces are seeking to deteriorate the situation in Syria in order to justify their interference in Syria's internal political affairs.

Nov. 29


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