Legislatures Must Debate adverse impact of UID Number Scheme

Press Release

Youth Meet Demands joint session of Legislatures to debate adverse impact of UID Number Scheme

Concerns Expressed about Environmental and Governance Crisis

19/6/2011Patna- Following deliberations on the Statement of Concern issued by eminent citizens led by Justice V R Krishna Iyer, the three day youth meet in the capital demanded joint session of Legislatures to debate the ramifications of the UID Number Scheme and its inter-linkages with other programs and proposed legislations. It emerged that the scheme has been adopted in the state without taking the legislatures and the citizens into confidence regarding its possible impact on civil liberties and natural resources. The youth meet expressed grave concern regarding proposed Interlinking of Rivers project in the state which entails mutilation and diversion of rivers unmindful of its ecological consequences.

Sachchidanand Sinha, a socialist thinker, spoke on Religion and Culture. He said religion comes out from Culture. So the domain of religion is too small to accommodate culture. There are tools like science and religion, through which culture could be understood. Arshad Ajmal also contributed to this debate.

Prabhakar Sinha, President of national People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) sought state funding of political parties for fighting elections in place of the current practice of funding by companies to deal with corruption and governance.

The Youth Meet called for the abandonment of the MP Local Area Development (MPLAD) Scheme which took birth during a corruption tainted government at centre. It criticised central government’s allocation of Rs 5 crore for MPLAD Scheme before the upcoming Monsoon Session of the Parliament amidst series of rampant scandals and scams. It appreciated the state government’s scrapping of MLA Local Area Development Scheme.

PP Verma and Santosha Jha spoke over technology and humanity. PP Verma spoke over alternative technology whereas Santosh Jha spoke over goat farming and village economy.

Gopal Krishna, a well known environmentalist sought a plan to make our cities car free. He

underlined the need for pursuing policies by keeping river basin approach in mind. The situation of waste management in cities requires decentralized approach and not the waste to energy approach being adopted. The three day Youth Meet at Sewa Kendra, Kurji, Patna from 17th to 19th June, 2011 concluded today. Nearly 75 youths from across the state participated in the meet to prepare action plan on those issues which matters youth much. The topics were Religion and culture, Corruption and Governance, Technology and humanity and Environment. SAMAR is reaching out to youths from the districts and states to prepare action plan for above mentioned issues. \

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