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Statement on 254th Anniversary of British East India Company’s Treacherous Conquest

Activists appeal govt to learn lessons from Battle of Plassey 23 Jun 2011 Civil society activists led have written an open letter to government of India on the 254th anniversary of Battle of Plassey with an appeal to not to forget painful lessons of that Battle, which changed the course of history of India. The open letter circulated by ToxicsWatch Alliance urges the government to abandon its plan to sign FTA with European Union and to avoid signing treaties with various countries and intergovernmental organizations without explicit approval or sanction of central and state legislatures. It also wants the government to immediately put on hold the UIDAI Bill and NIAI Bill for they pose a threat to civil liberties. To read this letter, click on the attached pdf file MS word text is given below Statement on 254th Anniversary of British East India Compan

Legislatures Must Debate adverse impact of UID Number Scheme

Press Release Youth Meet Demands joint session of Legislatures to debate adverse impact of UID Number Scheme Concerns Expressed about Environmental and Governance Crisis 19/6/2011Patna- Following deliberations on the Statement of Concern issued by eminent citizens led by Justice V R Krishna Iyer, the three day youth meet in the capital demanded joint session of Legislatures to debate the ramifications of the UID Number Scheme and its inter-linkages with other programs and proposed legislations. It emerged that the scheme has been adopted in the state without taking the legislatures and the citizens into confidence regarding its possible impact on civil liberties and natural resources. The youth meet expressed grave concern regarding proposed Interlinking of Rivers project in the state which entails mutilation and diversion of rivers unmindful of its ecological consequences. Sachchidanand Sinha, a socialist thinker, spoke on Religion and Culture. He said religion comes out from

Black Money, Baba Ramdev, Chidambaram & Manmohan Singh

"We have taken a number steps on black money. These have been outlined by the Finance Minister. Only in the last two years, in Income Tax searches we unearthed over 18,000 crore rupees. In Income Tax surveys we have unearthed 12,000 crore rupees. In mis-pricing we have unearthed nearly 36,000 crore rupees. We have entered into double taxation agreements with number of countries. We have entered into tax information exchange agreements with number of countries. With Mauritius I started the process as Finance Minister. Mauritius has finally agreed to renegotiate the DTAA. We have ratified the UN convention against corruption. We have deposited the instruments with Secretary General. We are bringing a law in the next session of Parliament against bribing foreign public officials. We will introduce legislation to strengthen the Prevention of Corruption act." Transcription of exclusive interview with Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on DD News 8th June 2011 "Let’s rem