Mumbai attack was choreographed for media

Indeed its time to ponder (undertake chintan) over the fact that  2008 Mumbai attack "was all choreographed with the media in mind". US Attorney General vowed to prosecute the killings of the six US citizens in the Mumbai attack.  The key issue is what is the message that is being conveyed through media.  
It is amusing to note that what US does or says is not deemed “crass political opportunism” but what senior Indian political leaders say or do is considered “crass political opportunism” (not that one is fond of them but logical inconsistency must not escape our attention). 

Time magazine referred to the insidious role of "the powerful Inter Services Intelligence organization — often accused of orchestrating terror attacks on India" but it did not acknowledge that the new head of the ISI is appointed at Washington's behest. 

Some 500 pages of memoirs of George W Bush, “Decision Points” reveals who rules our neighboring country. The book reveals, advised by Bush to “set a date for free elections, resign from the army, and lift the state of emergency”, “Musharraf made each of those commitments, and he kept them” and thus “Pakistan’s democracy had survived the crisis”!

Amidst repeated humiliation of senior Indian politicians and diplomats in US, isn't Indian establishment following the path of our neighbor. What does humiliation of George Fernandes, former President Kalam, India's UN envoy Hardeep Puri, now ambassador Meera Shankar by US govt. demonstrate? 

Lets briefly examine how relations with neibhoring countries have been pursued:

Jawaharlal Nehru wrote the top-secret note on his visit to China and Vietnam.China on November 11, 1954 with a copy to Winston Churchill while the latter was still Prime Minister. At the expiry of 30 years Downing Street had duly declassified it and kept it in Britain’s Public Records Office. 

Central chief information commissioner rejected the appeal against the defence ministry’s persistent refusal to declassify the 46-year-old report of 1963 on the military debacle in the 1962 border war with China by Lieutenant-General T.B. Henderson-Brooks and Brigadier P.S. Bhagat. All the prominent political parties have been power but it has not been declassified. In 1970, Neville Maxwell’s book India’s China War quoted from  the report and authored an article entitled “Henderson-Brooks Report: An Introduction” published in the Economic and Political Weekly on April 14, 2001. Why are citizens of India denied access to this report although it is available with a foreign writer?

Why has our government not published the official histories, written by the defence ministry’s historians, of the 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars. The 1914 file on MacMahon Line (boundary between China and India) is open to anyone in London’s India Office Library but in India it is classified! 

Why India as a democracy does not follow the 30-year rule for declassification of secret papers. Will we know secret about 2008 Mumbai attack or will we wait for it to be declassified or wikileaked in US or Europe?. If official histories are not published, the unofficial versions (even if unsubstantiated) by politicians like Digvijay Singh and A R Antulay will remain newsworthy and the same will be used for scoring political brownie points.