Emergence of Surveillance State

Emergence of Surveillance State 

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show, US aired a program against the UID Number.  
The conversation is available at:

In the US, there is a UID Number like project underway called radio frequency identification (RFID) project which is being opposed by the citizen groups there.

The technology, RFID, is rapidly moving into the real world through a wide variety of applications: Washington state driver’s licenses, U.S. passports, clothing, payment cards, car keys and more.

Their objective is to create a future world where RFID is everywhere and figure out problems. RFID has been used primarily to track goods in supply chains, and the RFID Ecosystem works as a kind of human warehouse.

The system can show when people leave the office, when they return, how often they take breaks, where they go and who’s meeting with whom. The latest RFID tags contain a 96-bit code meant to uniquely identify an object or person.

The RFID would be an invisible tag. The US.Department of Homeland Security required states to use an RFID chip that is readable from a distance to be compatible with its REAL ID initiative. Large US telecommunications companies are in the middle of a bitter dispute over their role assisting in government wiretapping, and whether they can be sued or be given legal immunity.

By the time, we will know that such technologies have become quite widespread, it might be hard to change. A global technology based control regime is emerging. It will be great if we can exchange notes and support our respecting campaigns against the emerging universal identification architecture to combat threats to civil liberties and natural resources.

It seems we need to be more active to study and reveal the dehumanizing ramifications of such technological interference in human life.   


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