Editors & lobbyists caught on tape

Oh what a lovely blackout – Sevati Ninnan – the Hoot

One of India Today's editors caught on tape

To download the file, right click on: IMP-PrabhuChawlaGasjudgementdiscussion-20090620-143207.mp3 and choose Save Or Just check out the WAV Format

Merging Estates, in the Hoot Anchored in mire, 1st Edit,  Deccan Herald
The spectrum of corruption – Editorial, Indian Express
Indian Media Discredited, Binu Thomas, Countercurrents.org
The spotlight is on the media now - Priscilla Jebaraj – lead in the Hindu

Over the Thin Red Line - Salil Tripathi –  The Mint
2G scam sideshow: Netizens lambast high-profile journalists - ToI
The Thunderous Silence – Amit Varma , Yahoo News India
The silence of the hacks – Santosh Desai, Times of India
Those living in Glass Houses - Rasheeda Bhagat – Hindu Business Line
Beware the single brush – Pratap Bhanu Mehta, in the Indian Express

The Radia Tapes debate–swallowing the bait – Vidya Subrahmanyam  in the Hoot
Radia Tapes: Media ethics at the crossroads – comment in the Hoot

Media Abroad
Dragging Indian Media out of the Muck – Sadanand Dhume in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)Media run for cover : BRP Bhaskar, in Gulf Today
Phone Taps Draw Media Into 2G Spotlight –  Tripti Lahiri in WSJ
Indian Media Where Art Thou on Media Scandal – Betwa Sharma in the Huffington Post
Indian journalists accused of secretly helping politicians, businesses – Washington Post
Corrupt Corporate Fascism in India – the Dawn
Oh Vir, What Can the Matter Be? - Paul Beckett in the WSJ
Indian media’s mighty stand exposed on wrong side of 2G spectrum scam – International Business & Law
The Media as Middle Man – Farzana Versey – in Counterpunch

Electronic Channels
Sagarika Ghosh on CNN-IBN – November 23rd 2010
Radia tapes: Probing the journalists – The Last Word with Karan Thapar


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