Why Raja hunted by certain media?

Stupid, it is  a War Between Arya and Dravida!!!!

If it is a scandal in United states or in Britain or in neighboring states like Karnataka, Kerala or Andhra Pradesh, it would be a great story for Tamil media.

But it happened to be an 'Apna Aadmi ka" scam in telecom.

It is total silence in Tamil media except few murmurs in mainstream media.

While investigative magazines like Nakkeeran actually defended A.Raja, major newspapers like Dailythanthi and Dinamalar behaved as if a news on A.Raja never existed.

The Great Tamil news channel on Earth Sun TV and in its myriad news channels kept showing news of everything on earth except Telecome Scam.

Kalaignar Television, owned by Karunanidhi which has a 24 hours news channel also behaved as you know it- the scam never happened.

But for Dinamani, The New Indian Express, JayaTV, Junior vikatan, Tamils would never have known about this scam.

What is more hilarious is a meeting Organised by Tamil Media Peravai to defend A.Raja. K.Veeramani, President of Diravidar Kazhagam, Fr.Jagat Gaspar, Prof.Suba Veerapandian, A.S.Panneer Selvam (former Outlook correspondent & former Director, Panos South Asia), Ramesh Prabha ( media person) all found a Drividian angle in the scam.

They spoke at length in the public meeting on how North indian media acts against a Dalit minister, A.Raja.

What a brilliant use of Dalit card!!!!

They invoked the old adage; Arya-diravida war!!!!.

One person went overboard and called for using the law for prevention of atrocities against Dalits against who ever writes on A.Raja.

The Tamil  media which always hobnobs with the establishment. It did what was scripted to them by the ruling clan here. It has to get favours from the clan; it has already gone to them to get their favours done.

So A.Raja need not worry about the Tamil media. It was managed, muzzled and kept quiet. But Some in Delhi are not behaving

Well!!!!! In fact it is Arya-Dravida war stupid!!!!

Source: a Journalist from Tamilnadu


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