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Nobody is giving up violence:DR BINAYAK SEN

"Nobody is giving up violence. Neither the state nor the  Maoist s are giving up violence. I am interested in   furthering my cause, which is the cause of peace with justice.- Dr Binayak  Sen. O n 24 Dec 2010, District Court in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India sentenced Dr Sen to life imprisonment .    Dear Professor Manmohan Singh, I hope you don’t mind the temerity of this letter. It is written as one scholar to another, one citizen to another. I know you are a PM and people like me may not be influential. However some things must be said and said clearly. I was aghast to find that Doctor Binayak Sen has been given a life term for sedition. Let me put it simply. I think it is an appalling act of injustice and a betrayal of an ethical vision. The point I wish to make is simple. We do not have to agree with Binayak Sen, anymore than we have to agree with Mahaswta Devi or Arundhati Roy or Baba Amte. But these have been voices of conscience. These are people who have care and healed, gi

Did 9/11 Justify The War In Afghanistan?

Did 9/11 Justify The War In Afghanistan? By Prof. David Ray Griffin Global Research Using the McChrystal Moment to Raise a Forbidden Question T here are many questions to ask about the war in Afghanistan. One that has been widely asked is whether it will turn out to be “Obama’s Vietnam.” This question implies another: Is this war winnable, or is it destined to be a quagmire, like Vietnam? These questions are motivated in part by the widespread agreement that the Afghan government, under Hamid Karzai, is at least as corrupt and incompetent as the government the United States tried to prop up in South Vietnam for 20 years. Although there are many similarities between these two wars, there is also a big difference: This time, there is no draft. If there were a draft, so that college students and their friends back home were being sent to Afghanistan, there would be huge demonstrations against this war on campuses all across this country. If the sons and daughters of wealthy and middle-cla