Pakistani Scrap ship owners asked to hand over radio equipment

National security endangered: Scrap ship owners asked to hand over radio equipment

With a view to saving endangered security the Government has asked the scrap ship owners to hand over communications and navigational equipment within 45 days of import.

Violation of the order will invite stern actions including cancellation of ship import licence, stoppage of issuing no objection certificate for ship breaking and other legal actions under government rules.

The Government recently issued an order asking all concerns to follow the rules regarding handing over of communications and navigational equipment.

The Government took the decision after revealing that some of the scrap ship importers are violating the rules creating threat to national security by mishandling communications and navigational equipment, informed sources said.

Meanwhile, in the recent days law-enforcing agencies noticed that radio communications equipment which include MFHF, VHF, transmitter and receiver, walkie-talkie set and radio sets became available to the terrorists groups.

Different intelligence agencies informed the Government that some of the terrorist groups, especially in the hilly areas, are using the radioactive equipment collecting from different sources including the ships brought for scrapping, sources added.

To stop missing of the radio communications equipment from ships brought for scrapping, the Government asked the importers to inform the Bangladesh Navy before 24 hours of reaching the ship in outer anchorage of Chittagong port.

Day after ship comes to the outer anchorage of the port the Navy and customs officials will visit the ship to make a list of the communications and navigational equipment.

After marking by the Navy and Customs officials the ship owners will have to hand over the equipment to the Navy within 45 days of breaking of the ship.

If the ship importers do not hand over the radioactive equipment within 45 days, they will face different course of legal actions, the order issued by the Ministry of Shipping said.

Syful Islam


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