Blue Lady, a national security threat?

"Blue Lady has more extensive problems"

Time: 26.07.2007 15:17

Comment: As it should be well known, the logistic and historical problems of the Blue Lady (SS Norway) are derived from a single source:

In 2003 the SS Norway was attacked by Al Qaeda in the port of Miami with widespread prior knowledge and explicit media coverage of the 2-week prior advisory in tape from Al Qaeda.

"to Raise/Singe the floor right out from under their feet, the political and corporate interests of the United States and Norway."

Links to mass media archives are available at:

There is a reason the ship's papers are not in order, and the Americans are a primary reason.

aim/msn/yp/gt/etc "WilfredGuerin"


Anonymous said…
A FOIA on the US Coast Guard / TSA
(now DHS) review of the Miami incident was received and does contain a
review of concerns for human health and safety during the evacuation
and incident. If this can be found, it may provide more details about
the American side of the review when they took control of SS Norway
after the incident.
Anonymous said…

The .doc is available as submitted to the Supreme Court.
Anonymous said…
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