BBC spreads mis information to support G4 process

BBC spreads mis information to support G4 process

Burghard Ilge


Dear all.

BCC just published the article below.

Which uses the argument of the expiration of fast track authority of the US on 30th of June to legitimize the G4 process. Maybe it would be a good idea if someone [maybe
from the US or the UK] would address this mis information and demand an official public rectification by the BBC.



(visited today 18:00 CET)

WTO talks get push for late deal
Four key World Trade Organization members have
reopened trade talks to see if an agreement can be
reached ahead of a key deadline.
The US, Brazil, India and the European Union (EU)
are meeting for five days in Germany to see if a
global trade deal is still possible, the EU said.
Attempts to resolve the Doha round of trade talks
have failed to date, after disagreement over
farming subsidies.
The talks will not "finish Doha" but see if a deal
is possible said the EU.
'Final game'
Agriculture and farming subsidies have been a
major sticking point between the US, EU and
developing nations in the Doha round of talks -
named after the Qatari capital where discussions
started in 2001.
Jagdish Bhagwati, an economist at New York's
Council for Foreign Relations said the four
members were in the "final game of making
concessions, but this should have happened months
The EU has argued that the US caused the talks -
which were meant to boost trade as a means to
tackle poverty - to collapse.
Similarly the US has said Europe has failed to
open up its markets.
Mr Mandelson is attending the talks along with
Mariann Fisher Boel, the agriculture commissioner
of the EU.
Also present are US Trade Representative Susan
Schwab and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns.
Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and Indian
Trade Minister Kamal Nath are also at the event,
which is taking place in Potsdam.
The need to resolve trade talks has intensified as
US President George W Bush's special "fast-track"
authority to negotiate trade deals ends this month.
President Bush's Trade Promotion Authority will
expire after 30 June, meaning that the US Congress
will again have the right to amend such agreements.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/19 11:41:26 GMT


Source: WTO-Intl - the listserv the Our World Is Not For Sale network (OWINFS)


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