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1) Interlinking of Rivers Project "The massive plan will lead to Aral Sea type disasters"

2) Another Bhopal in the making in Mumbai? Business Standard, 27.5.2002

3) French apex court rules, Clemenceau recalled

4) The scrapping of Riky

5) White asbestos, a health time bomb

6) Waste burning is not renewable energy!

7) 'Champagne glass in India, hunger in Bharat'

8) Waste To Energy Policy Perverts Waste Management

9) Electricity, But at what cost?

10) "E-Waste: Computers and Toxicity in India" published in Sarai Reader 2003: Shaping Technologies

11) Open Waste Burning in the Green City!

12) Nothing new

13) White asbestos: Silent killer

14) Canadian Asbestos: A Global Concern

15) French apex court rules, Clemenceau recalled

16) The scrapping of Riky

17) White asbestos, a health time bomb

18) Mining takes its toll on environment & health

19) Urban renewal - waste scam

20) Interlinking of Rivers Catastrophic for Ecosystem

21) FICCI's National Conference on Interlinking of Rivers

22) River Linking: a Vote Catchning Project

23) Tyranny of the Supreme Court & President's Amnesia

24) Diversion of Rivers – Impact and Sustainability

25) Status of Writ Petition on "Networking of Rivers" in India, a paper presented at an International Conference in Dhaka

26) Ritual of Clean Yamuna Campaign

27) "Linking of Rivers" is ecologically destructive

28) 'Yamuna sans Gangajal'

29) `Secret' national environment policy

30) Asbestos: Breathtaking negligence
published in Business Standard on October 22, 2002 (attached)

31) Plight of Asbestos Victims in India, a paper presented at Global Asbestos Vongress, Tokyo

32) Implementation Plan for Stockholm Convention?


34) Can Canada Make UNEP Impotent ?

35) Poisoned and silenced by pesticides

36) Urgent Need to campaign for alternatives of Large Dams


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