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Fake Journalsim Awards: Abhishek Srivastava

When we talk of journalism, journalistic activism, media's socialresponsibility and accountability, let's never forget about thejournalism awards which are being given anually in the name of manyrenowned journalists, sponsored by big press lords like The Indian Express and by the Indian government's agencies like publications division and others. These awards are in the sense of utmost importance as they try to create role models in our society for theupcoming journalists who aspire to get these awards in the future.This topic will prove to be a bone of contention between many. It will create a large number of foes rather than friends, but this cannot be avoided to be mentioned in the public domain. Last week, a prestigious journalism award was given in theFICCI auditorium. We all know that the award which is being given inthe name of deceased journalist Udayan Sharma is of great value notonly in terms of the amount, it attracts almost all the media peoplein Delhi every ye

NUJ(I) Demands Statutory Media Council for Self-regulation of all Media

NUJ(I) Demands Statutory Media Council for Self-regulation of all Media For favour of Publication, New Delhi, July 4 -- The news reports that the Central Government is drafting a legislation to regulate content in the Television channels have naturally raised concerns about the nature of that regulation and the institutional arrangement through which the regulation would be exercised. In the absence of a clear statement from the Government, the National Union of Journalists (India) dedicated to the maintaining of the freedom of the Press is apprehensive about the aim and content of the proposed legislation, as authorities tend to exercise control over the media under the guise of regulation. NUJ(I) has been for long demanding Media Council as an independent self-regulatory body for the entire media including the print and electronic. This is especially urgent in the present anomalous situation where the print media comes under the self-regulation through the Press Council constituted

NGOs on EU fraud buster list

NGOs on EU fraud buster list CHARU SUDAN KASTURI New Delhi, June 26: The European Union’s anti-fraud unit, OLAF, has welcomed proposals made by the Planning Commission seeking to regulate the functioning and funding of non-government organisations. The Planning Commission recently submitted these suggestions to the government in the form of a draft national paper, which is being considered by the Centre. In the past couple of years, OLAF has been monitoring several Indian NGOs, which it believes could be involved in financial fraud worth millions of euros in connection with grants made by the European Union. It has been carrying out its investigations in India in tandem with the Union home ministry. Calling the proposals a positive move, OLAF said their implementation would help eliminate illegal international transfer of donations by NGOs. “While we cannot comment on any political implication of the proposals, it is a very good move,” Joerge Wojahn of OLAF said over phone from th

Articles, Essays and Papers

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