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Work culture in corporate media

"It was made abundantly clear from the disastrous image of those days of disinformation, in which the majority of employees, reporters and journalists put our lives on the line only for media owners and board members to decide not to publish anything and hide from the public the serious events that were taking place in the streets, while mainstream TV channels aired old movies as if nothing was happening. We all must assume those days of confusion, tensions, interests, and mistakes with courage and rectify with deep sincerity. No more manipulation. We workers say firmly and responsibly that we will not accept such behavior again."- Venezuelan Media Workers Statement, Caracas, June 10, 2002 Who controls the information flow? Although to find and reveal the truth is at the very core of every media worker's mission, corporations have inseminated corporate governance in journalism. These corporations control the course of information through direct ownership of media, publ