What exists must be acknowledged

What exists must be acknowledged

Be it Kamasutra, The Perfumed Garden, The Almond- they exist and they have been acknowledged...as classics-one can argue about whether its erotica or pornography.

In the past Chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)have proposed to legalise porn. It has been argued that almost every city/villages has cinemas/video parlours which show adult movies illegally in the morning show.

Porn is shown everywhere the best way to fight it is to show them openly in theatres with legally authorised licences. But this the change can only happen if the law was changed through an act of parliament.

Some Film researchers from India & Europe whom I happened to know bought such Indian films shown in morning shows to ascertain for themselves what the hype was all about concluded -the hype is not worth it-its so damn boring, they concluded.

Most of us have problems with TOI but they have a point of view and we should exercise our point of view. In some cases such point of views can converge as well by default.

One is aware that Vineet Jain could have provided the same media space to more pressing issues but then he prefers stories which create a lukewarm temperature, an ideal temprature at which the advertisement revenue flows in. The TOI story "Legalise porn?" quoted Bertrand Russell saying, "nine-tenth of the appeal of pornography is due to the indecent feeling about sex which moralists inculcate in the young while one-tenth is psychological, occurring one way or the other, whatever the state of the law."


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