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Manistream Media bought over by Amity

Ashok Kumar Chauhan and Arun Kumar Chauhan, directors of Amity International committed frauds in Germany, US and Netherland. They run Law scools and Journalism schools. Perhaps, they teach the art of fraud in these schools. Dr Ashok Kumar Chauhan, the owner of the Amity group of educational institutes is wanted by Interpol for financial frauds committed in Germany many years ago, reported Tehelka in June, 2005. Is it surprising that such a major story is yet to hit any other newspaper?. Why should it surprise anyone? Amity is a Advertiser in both print and electronic media and money can buy any media house be it Indian Express or NDTV or others. Whenever there is conflict between Money and Truth, these media houses prefer the former and discard the latter. Amity made an attempt to 'buy out' Tehelka but failed. When I went to buy the June issue of Tehelka from the stands, it was all sold out. Amity bought as many copies of Tehelka as it could to stop people from knowing