Democratisation of Communication Through Blogging

As is generally quite well known a blog, short for web log, is a personal journal published on a website. Blogs can be musings, opinions and news, and a blogger can have a dedicated daily audience through his postings.

Although blogging is yet to develop a serious medium in India because of the issue of Internet access which remains a major impediment. It is still in its infancy but one imagines that very soon a serious network of bloggers would evolve and give a new meaning to mass communication as has been the case in US and Europe.

Government's plan to recognise bloggers and cyber journalists as media professionals is a welcome move. Democratisation of communication means that one has the right to communicate, therefore it is indeed the right step.

Now it is up to bloggers to build their reputation by blogging responsibly. If a blogger wishes to build a reputation for being a trusted news source, it will have to follow the cardinal principles of journalism.

But both amateur journalism and professional journalism must follow the same Code of Ethics.


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