Public Statement on Prashant Bhushan's contempt case

Statement to the Supreme Court and to the Public of India at large. We, the below named, practicing members of the bar in India, have noted with dismay, the judgment of the Supreme Court, in Mr. Prashant Bhushan's contempt case. An independent judiciary consisting of independent judges and lawyers, is the basis of the rule of law in a Constitutional democracy. Mutual respect and the absence of coercion, are the hallmarks of a harmonious relationship between the bar and bench. Any tilting of the balance, one way or the other, is deleterious both to the institution and the nation. An independent judiciary does not mean that judges are immune from scrutiny and comment. It is the duty of lawyers to freely bring any shortcomings to the notice of bar, bench and the public at large. While some of us may have divergent views on the advisability and content of Mr. Prashant Bhushan's two tweets, we are unanimously of the view that no contempt of court was intended or committed especially

Letter to PM and CM-Grievance regarding billing for COVID-19 treatment of K Laxmi Narasamma in Telangana:N Sai Balaji

Dear Sir/Madam,   Grievance regarding billing of patient Mrs. K Laxmi Narasamma (UMR20072800087) for COVID-19 treatment in violation of Telangana Government Order of 248 Dated 16 th  June 2020   August 6, 2020 1. My aunt,  Mrs. K Laxmi Narasamma  (65 years old, UHID: 18082832) has been admitted in Mallareddy Narayan multi Speciality Hospital, Suraram, Hyderabad since 28th July 2020. She is currently admitted in COVID ICU -2. Through this letter I wish to register my grievance regarding the incorrect billing for my aunt COVID treatment in hospital, which is in violation of the Order issued by the Telangana Government on  16 th  June 2020  prescribing maximum per day package rates for COVID related treatments in private hospitals in Telangana.       2. Through its GO No. 248 dated 16th June 2020, the Telanagana Government fixed the maximum rates, in an private hospital, for an admission in the ICU  without  need for ventilator care at Rs. 7,500 per day and for an admission in the ICU  wi

Supreme Court: Caregivers of Araria gang rape victim granted immediate release

Supreme Court has ordered the immediate release of Tanmay Nivedita and Kalyani Badola who were sent to Dalsinghsarai jail, Samastipur in Bihar for their alleged misdemeanor while assisting and for supporting a gang rape survivor. The order was pronounced today.  The Court has issued notice to Bihar Government in this cass. Advocate Vrinda Grover was assisted by advocates Ratna Appnender and Soutik Banerjee and Liz Mathew appeared for the petitioners.  Earlier, the gangrape survivor from Araria in Bihar, who was arrested on the orders of a judicial magistrate while giving her statement about the incident, was granted bail on 17 July. However, the Araria Chief Judicial Magistrate Anand Kumar Singh refused bail to two social workers, who had helped the woman and were arrested with her on July 10. The 22-year-old survivor was allegedly gang-raped on July 6 after which she sought help from members of Jan Jagran Shakti Sanghtan (JJSS), an Araria-based voluntary group with whom s

Lawyers ask Patna High Court Judges to ensure just treatment of survivors of violent sexual crimes in Araria District Court, Bihar

Letter from Lawyers to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Patna High Court and other Hon’ble Judges Need for urgent and systemic changes in the treatment of survivors of violent sexual crimes in the Araria District Court, Bihar   15 th  July, 2020 To Hon’ble the Chief Justice of Patna High Court and other Hon’ble Judges: Subject: Need for urgent and systemic changes in the treatment of survivors of violent sexual crimes in the Araria District Court. Lordships: We, the undersigned are lawyers practicing in different places across the country, who also believe in creating a robust criminal justice system, which is responsive to the needs of survivors of violent sexual crimes. We have received news of a very disturbing incident in distant Araria, and involving a 22-year-old, who was violently gang-raped on July 6th, and her two caregivers/friends. While recording her S.164 statement on July 10th, the learned magistrate perceived her disoriented state of mind as a pers